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Technical Data


Model: TH160 - TH400


Capacity: 15 - 94 (m³/h)


Bucket movement speed: 1.2 - 1.4 (m/s)


Bucket Type: Deep Bucket / Light Bucket


1. Compact Machine Structure, small overall dimension, small space needed.


2. Adopt the taking out type material loading and mixing type material discharging. The hopper volume is big with high density layout. It has the feature of big lifting scope, high lifting height and high transportation capacity.


3. Each section and maintenance door have the sealing device to make sure no dust outlet to realize clean and friendly environment production.


4. Drive sprocket wheel is a overall structure, the surface has been specially strengthen processed. It has the features of easy operation, high strength and wearing resistance.


5. Adopt low alloy high strength round ring chain as driving part. Under the special technology process, it has the features of anti-pulling strength, good wearing resistance, long time using, good hopper connection, and easy to be maintenance.



TH Bucket Elevator is a kind of continuous vertical lifting equipment with chain type bucket to process bulk material. It is mainly used for lifting bulk material and crushed material with the property of low hardness. It is widely used in power, chemistry, metallurgy, building material, light industry, grain, mining and etc. The lifted material with the temperature under 250℃. It has the features of high capacity, reliable working, small area needed, high lifting height and easy maintenance. In the driving system, it has the high reliable non-return structure to prevent temporary power off or other fault causing shut off under the loading condition to make drive and lifting hopper return moving to cause fault.

TH Bucket Elevator is used for lifting powder, granular materials and small block and grinding of small materials vertically, such as: coal, cement, stone, sand, clay, ore and so on, or other industries of dry mortar for construction, mining, and chemistry.


Model Type Capacity (m³/h) Hopper Drive Revolving Speed Max Size Elevating Height
Volume Bucket Pitch Bucket Width Speed
Deep Bucket Shallow Bucket Deep Bucket Shallow Bucket (mm) (mm) (m/s) (r/min) (mm) (m)
TH160 Centrifugal Chain Type 25.00 15.00 1.90 1.20 500 160 1.20 69.71 20 3.88~38.38
TH250 Centrifugal Chain Type 48.00 31.00 4.60 3.00 500 250 1.20 44.11 30 4.11~38.11
TH315 Centrifugal Chain Type 60.00 35.00 6.00 3.75 512 315 1.40 42.50 35 4.55~38.05
TH400 Centrifugal Chain Type 94.00 60.00 9.50 5.90 512 400 1.40 37.60 40 4.50-38.00

Note: The volume of the hopper in the table is the volume when the hopper is filled with water, which is similar to the actual filling volume. Therefore, the filling factor is not considered in the calculation formula of the conveying volume. The filling factor should be determined according to the particle size of the material in the specific selection, so as to correct the conveying volume given in this table.



TH Bucket Elevator is mainly consist of drive device, shell, ring chain, hopper and maintenance platform. Its main structure feature as below:


1.Bucket elevator ring chain is made of low alloy steel with forging process. The surface has been special strengthen processed. It has high tension resistance and wearing resistance.

2.Elevator middle shell is made of bend plate with welding assembly. It has the features of light weight, good rigidity, small welding transformation. It improve the equipment overall performance largely.

3.There are a lot of maintenance doors in the shell. It is convenient to observe the chain and hopper running condition. It is also convenient to change hoppers and chains.

4.There is tension device at the bottom to make sure that there will be enough pretension force of the ring chain during the working. At the same time, there is a automatic self aligning device at the bottom of the chain wheel device in order to prevent the chain wheel have uneven tension to cause inclined phenomenon to cause equipment fault.

5.There is sealing device between shells and between maintenance door and shell. It is clean and friendly environment.

6.There is a high reliable non-return device . Not only to prevent the driver part and hopper return move, but also to make the drive device structure compact and small area needed. 



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