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Fracturing Proppant Production Line

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Technical Data

Capacity: 10,000-30,000 (t/a)


Main Materials: bauxite, kaolin


Main Equipment: Ball Mill, Rotary Kiln, Granulator, etc. 


Application: Oil Industry


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1. Advanced Pelletizing System

The ZKZL granulator developed by our company is special equipment for pelletizing in the ceramic proppant production process, which has the advantages of high production efficiency, full automation control, and no dust pollution.


2. A complete set of experimental granulation line

We owns a complete set of granulation experimental production line, which can conduct experiments on customers' incoming materials, find out the best granulation technology for the materials, and give guidance for actual production.


3. Environmental protection

The dedusting system of the ceramic proppant production line adopts an automatic control system, which can meet the national standard.

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