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Shanxi Fracturing Proppants Public Limited Company 100,000 Tons Per Year Proppant Project

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Project Site: Shanxi, China
Construction Company: Shanxi Fracturing Proppants Public Limited Company
Product: Proppant
Production Capacity: 100,000 tons per year
Supply Scope: Process design, equipment supply and equipment installation from powder material storage, ingredient blending to final product packing system, dust collecting system, and electrical automatic control system.

Project Overview 
Shanxi Fracturing Proppants Public Limited Company is located in the Small and medium-sized enterprise startup hubs of Yuanqu country. It has research and development, production and sales and marketing services as one of the joint-stock enterprises . The main product is proppant. It is specially used in the petroleum industry. It is used for petroleum (gas) well exploitation and petroleum (gas)fracturing technology to realize petroleum (gas) high production capacity to extend the petroleum (gas) well long time using life. Shanxi Fracturing Proppants Public Limited Company has owned 5 rotary kiln production lines. It has the production capacity of 120,000 tons per year to produce the proppant with different model. Shanxi Fracturing Proppants Public Limited Company developing idea is to extend the produciton capacity, be stronger and bigger, building brand to occupy international market. So it has decided to build a new proppant production line with capacity of 100,000 ton per year.


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