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Calcination Equipment for 200tpd Quick Lime Plant in Iran

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1. Project Overview

Project Location: Zanjan, Iran
Project Name: Calcination Equipment for 200tpd Quick Lime Plant
Design Scope of ZK: Process Construction Drawing of whole production line
Equipment Supply Scope of ZK:
(1) RS06 Vertical Preheater, Φ2.8×43m Rotary Kiln, LSF44 Vertical Cooler,
(2) Electrical Cabinet, Instrument and PLC for the whole production line

2. Process Introduction

The energy-saving rotary lime kiln has the advanced structure and stable operation. It adopts the vertical preheater with low pressure loss which can effectively improve the preheating effect. The raw materials’ decomposition rate in the vertical preheater can reach to 30% before entering into the rotary kiln. It is also suitable for different fuels including pulverized solid fuel, liquid fuel and gas fuel. The final lime products have high activity. This kind of rotary kiln already have been widely used in the steel industry and chemical industry.

3. Shipment Photos

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