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Magnesium Project

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Inner Mongolia Baotou Shiguai District Magnesium Calcination

Publication date: 2008-07-06 15:07 article source: ZK Corp viewed:

Brief Introduction

Country: China

Company: North Magnesium Technology Co., Ltd

Deal time: 2008

Equipment: rotary kiln calcination equipment

Project Description

The magnesium calcination project is located in Inner Mongolia Baotou Shiguai District, which is corporated by our company and North Magnesium Technology Co., Ltd in 2008, our company supply diameter 3 meters rotary kiln calcination equipment, it is into production now. ZK corp established construction sites successively in the area of Baotou, Ningxia, Shanxi, Tangshan, Yunnan, Shaanxi, especially the construction site in Baotou, the formation is more complicated, make inconvenience for construction, but our engineers  provides the best construction scheme design skillfully according to the local complex conditions for this project.

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