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Chongqing 300,000 (m3/a) Sludge Ceramsite Production Line Project

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1.Project Introduction:

Project Address: China • Chongqing • Yongchuan

Construction Unit: Chongqing Zeyu Building Material Co., Ltd.

Product Name: Ceramic production line

Production Capacity: Annual production of 300,000 (m3/a) sludge ceramsite production line project

Scope of services: from the storage, transportation, drying, batching, mixing, granulation, calcination, cooling of raw materials to the finished product storage and transportation system, environmental dust collection system, exhaust gas desulfurization and deodorization system, process design of electrical automation control system, plant planning, equipment supply, equipment installation and commissioning, after-sales training and other one-stop technical services.


2.Project Description:

Chongqing Zeyu Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a PPP project invested by the Yongchuan Water Affairs Bureau through state-owned assets. The project construction and operation party is Chongqing Water Group. Our company is responsible for the whole plant construction of the ceramsite production line. The construction of the factory aims to recycle the sludge after harmless disposal, which can greatly reduce the pressure on environmental protection and open up a new road for the sustainable development of sludge. After nearly one year of program exchange and bidding, our company won the bid in May. In the construction of this project, based on the requirements of high environmental protection and high automation, the design has avoided the problems arising from the previous domestic sludge ceramsite production line, and many energy-saving measures have been adopted to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. At present, the project is in the installation stage, and it is believed that the quality of Zheng Mine will definitely bring new experiences to customers.


3.Production Process

The raw materials for the production of sludge ceramsite mainly include sludge and shale.

The process of producing ceramsite in this production line is: raw material crushing, grinding, drying raw material batchingagingfeeding of raw materialsrawing of raw materialsgranulationshaping screeningcalciningcoolingsievingstorage.


4.Main Equipment


Product Name




Ceramsite   plugged rotary kiln



2 Sets


Double Roller Granulator


4 Sets

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