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Supply electromagnetic vibrating feeder for Moldovan customer

Publication date: 2023-04-07 11:04 article source: ZK Corp viewed:

The customer sent an inquiry requesting an electromagnetic vibrating feeder, requiring a VST electronic control unit on Jan 21, 2023.

Supply electromagnetic vibrating feeder for Moldovan customer.jpg

Enquiry processing

After receiving the inquiry, Mr. Wang the engineer recommended the GZ3 model of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder according to the material information, equipment reference pictures and dimensions provided by the customer.

Regarding the VST electronic control unit required by the customer, I asked my colleagues in the electrical department and the outsourced factory respectively. Informed the customer that our company uses a half-wave rectifier controller, and when providing the quotation information, we also sent the picture of the controller for his reference. In addition, the equipment outline drawing was also provided.

Three days after receiving the quotation and information provided by our company, the customer asked for specific packaging details and the price of FOB Shanghai Port, I did respond to specific questions on the same day.

On February 2, the customer asked whether our equipment has the function of remote automatic control. After asking the factory, we confirmed and replied to the customer that our equipment has the performance required by the customer.

The customer was silent in the next half a month, and there was no reply to the online contact. On February 14th, the customer took the initiative to reply that they were going to purchase equipment and asked us to send a contract with FOB Shanghai price. The order is filled.

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