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Guateala cement grinding plant

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Project Description:

We have built a cement clinker grinding station with capacity of 1200 tons per day in Guatemala. The project adopts closed circuit process flow chart to produce ASTM C1175 GU and HE cement. The process main grinding equipment is clinker ball mill and pozzolana ball mill. It has features of small investment, short construction period, easy maintenance and control, high reliable and durable, and high running rate. The final cement has the features of good shape, proper size distribution, small water needed for cement hydration and good cement using performance. In the cement clinker grinding process, ball mill process has occupied the leading position in the cement industry. In the design, we have fully considered the typhoon, high moisture, earthquake and other special nature environment in the project site. In the machine selection, we have considered the high moisture and high temperature effect on the mechanical equipment and electrical equipment.


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