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Active Lime Project

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100TPD Shaft kiln For Quicklime Plant in North Sudan

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This Buyer is located in North Sudan. The final product of this plant is used for steel plant. Shaft kiln is taken for it and the production capacity is 100TPD.

Screen Plate details according to the buyer’s requirement:

Project name: 100TPD Shaft Kiln for Lime Plant

Fuel: LPG and Diesel

Raw Material Size: 300mm

Production Capacity: 100TPD

Heat Value of LPG: 11.500 kcal/kg.


Service provided to client during this process:

1. Initial Design was provided according to the client’s requirement and then the contract was signed after the initial design is approved by the buyer.

2. After the down payment was available to our account, the final design was made and provided which was also agreed by the buyer.

3. All the equipment were put into production and good-quality product are ensured.


Through continuous communication, the trust from client was enjoyed by us. And our factory was also thought highly by client which contributed a lot to the contract signing.

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