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Ring Hammer Crusher Project

Publication date: 2022-12-01 17:29 article source: ZK Corp viewed:

I. Equipment Introduction

This equipment mainly replaces the ring hammer crusher of the old production line of Beixin building materials. After replacement, the equipment solves the problem of serious wear of the hammer head and grate plate of the old equipment.

II. Equipment Overview

Signing date: 2021/01/05

Product Name: ring hammer crusher

Processing Capacity: 30-60t/h

Equipment Configuration: PCH0808 ring hammer crusher

This equipment is mainly aimed at the serious wear of the hammer head and the grate plate of the old equipment of the owner, and re-improving the structural design and material of the equipment to meet the customer's requirements.

III. Solutions

1. Thicken the grate plate. The hammer and grate plate are made of high wear-resistant alloy to solve the serious wear problem.

2. The discharge port of grate plate adopts conical design, which makes the discharge more smooth and not easy to block;

3. The overall operation of the equipment is stable, with low noise and convenient operation.

4. The side cover adopts detachable design to facilitate the later cleaning of internal materials.

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