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Lab Ceramic Ball Mill in Shandong Project

Publication date: 2022-11-19 12:29 article source: ZK Corp viewed:

Signing date: 30-9-2022

Raw Material: Ceramic 


Equipment configuration: 600x600 Lab Ceramic Ball Mill

1. Project Overview

The owner of the project is located in Wudi Economic Development Zone, Shandong Province. It mainly produces and sells products such as seals, anti-counterfeiting lead seals, plastic seals, container seals, high security seals, electric padlocks, electric meter boxes, agricultural machinery, etc.It provides support to ensure the safe operation of national power and customs ports, logistics, petroleum, petrochemical, national defense, railway, air transportation.

2. Model

1 set of lab ceramic ball mill, Model: Φ600x600mm,loading volume  0.05 tons each time.

3. Solution

This project mainly adopts the following solutions to meet customer needs:

1) The drive device, mill barrel and base are installed in one piece. It is convenient and compact, easy to move and carry.

2) Energy saving: The ceramic ball mill starts from decompression during work, reducing the starting current, more energy saving.

3) The particle size of the product is uniform: There is a grating plate at the discharge port of the ceramic ball mill to control the particle size of the discharged material, it is difficult for the material that is too large to be discharged from the discharge port.

4) Wide range of application: The ceramic ball mill can be used for grinding a variety of materials.The grinding body uses ceramic lining plates and the ceramic balls can avoid the pollution of the raw materials by the iron grinding body.

4. Project Photos

Lab Ceramic Ball Mill in Shandong Project(1).jpg

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