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GGBS Project


Coal Powder Making Project of Ningxia Province

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Brief Introduction

Location: Ningxia, China

Project: Coal Powder Making Project

Time: February of 2013

Project Description

The Owner of this project have starting the survey work from end of 2011, after several widely comparative survey, finally have select the ZK Corp as the supplier of their Coal Powder Making Project. And have sign the equipment supply contract on June of 2012.


After contract come into effect, ZK Corp have settle Project Headquarters to strictly process 4S management system, manufacture and inspection observe strictly company technical standard, and promptly report the manufacture schedule to the owner. ZK have settle one Project Manager on installation site to arrange the communication with owner’s engineering department, aim to solve the various problems produced in the construction process.

Through the closing cooperation and positive active, the installation with debugging and acceptance work have finished on February of 2013 and achieve the design capacity finally.

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