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Technical Data


LS/GX Series Screw Conveyor

GLS Tube Screw Conveyor

LSS/WLS Shaftless Screw Conveyor

Capacity: 7-90(m³/h)

Conveying Distance: 2-25(m)

Applied Material: Coal, slag, cement, clay powder, sand, grains, gravel, scrap iron etc


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LS Type Screw Conveyor

GX Type Screw Conveyor

GLS Tube Screw Conveyor

LSS Type Shaftless Conveyor

WLS Type Shaftless Conveyor

1. It achieved clean and environmentally friendly production, especially suitable for conveying dusty, hot (under 200 ℃) and sharp odour material.

2. The wear treated screw is more wearable and stronger than traditional common screw. It can significantly increase the service life of the screw

3. It can achieve multi-point feeding and multi-point discharging according to user's process layout.

4. The redesigned discharging structure makes the discharging smoother.

5. Compact structure, less wearing parts, convenient to install, operate and maintain.

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